We all want to remember our special wedding day and as a result home videos and bad quality photographs on a digital camera phone won’t work; for this reason, the most of couples will choose a professional wedding photographer to record their special occasion. Having said that, one question most are faced with and the request is ‘Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?’.

Why is Wedding Photographer in Dubai so damn Expensive?

So are wedding photographers costly? As long as you believe they’re, but let’s try and understand the worth of what you’re spending money on, and what’s included.

The fee for a Wedding Photographer

The price billed by wedding photographers can range massively and several costs into the hundreds for a full day of shooting, having said that, they’re a necessary part of any big day. Wedding days would be the most significant day in lots of our lives and the chance of not getting the photos you imagined runs high if you don’t have a professional looking after it.

Furthermore, wedding photographers in Dubai consider staged photographs of the wedding ceremony and visitors, several provide a full day of shooting that involves everything from photographs of the bridal makeup and hair being carried out until the last person leaves the wedding reception. In addition, photographers’ work is not done once the day is over as they then have the obligation of selecting the highest quality photos and coming to edits to the ones that want it.

With your stress on experts to seize every perfect photograph, it’s fairly easy to understand that wedding photographer are so costly when you consider the sheer amount of gear needed. Furthermore they require one camera, but additionally, contacts, tripods, memory cards, batteries, a various camera for this, a different camera for that and camera equipment is not frequently effortlessly inexpensive with many wedding photographers’ kit reaching a price of well into a lot of money. With all of this costly kit additionally, you need public liability insurance that many locations need before enabling you to focus on their property, again another large cost.

That’s just the camera, what about editing your photos? An effective laptop or PC is required, application to modify the pictures, back up hard disk drives so there is nothing lost, USB pens and discs to supply your photos, all these costs add up.

Photography is more than an expensive camera

Perhaps you have realized there’s a great deal of cash is allocated to having the right gear for the job, in addition to a wide range of time that goes into it all, but there’s more to the job and recording your perfect big day than just the camera and all the devices, these are generally jus resources. There are a skill and an art that’s been created, learned and perfected by the photographer over many years, you are able to give all the same equipment to somebody that has little professional experience and these people might take one or two nice shots, but a professional photographer with years of experience will require a whole album worth of spectacular pictures that tell a story. This is exactly what you might be paying for. Someone with years of experience, someone you can trust.